Our philosophy is guided by the view that each child is naturally creative and inquisitive. We
recognise that children are motivated to explore and discover the world by actively engaging
their senses and ’learning through play’.

We are blessed with a beautiful bush location. Our deep connection to our environment guides
much of our learning. We believe outdoor education fosters a sense of community and adventure,
encourages exploration and inspires creative minds. Our environment offers our children
the opportunity to challenge themselves and extend their understanding of people, the world
and things around them. Through positive experiences with nature, we set the stage for a lifetime
commitment to caring for the earth, animals, and our communities.

Our educators believe in encouraging children to express themselves in their opinions and allow
them to undertake experiences that develop self-reliance, self-expression and build self-esteem.
Our educators actively listen to each child throughout the day in order to genuinely understand
their needs and what is important to them, and strive to create a natural flow of stimulating activities
and quiet times where each child feels they belong.

Our team focus is creating meaningful experiences within an enriched, flexible program based
on our children’s knowledge, ideas, culture, abilities and interests as competent individuals.
We believe that Mt Gibraltar Preschool is an extension of home for children and families; a safe
and inclusive space for all of us to share.
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